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Sidener Engineering represents many of the top manufacturers of engineered safety products - components and safety systems designed to protect the safety of your personnel, your equipment, and your product.

This page lists the safety products from each of our manufacturers and provides links to the manufacturer's home pages.

Baumer Electric Norstat Sidener Safety Components
DarlexPinnacle Systems Tapeswitch
EuchnerRoss Controls Werma Signaltechnik

Safety by Sidener - Control Reliable Hydraulic Safety Valves

Sidener Engineering is pleased to introduce the full product family of Control Reliable Hydraulic Safety Valves!

Baumer Electric

Baumer Electric manufactures a wide range of precision sensors and sensor systems designed for heavy daily use in an industrial environment. Their product line includes inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors and ultrasonic sensors.

The products Baumer Electric manufactures includes:

- Proximity switches
- Linear sensors
- Motion detectors
- Field plate sensors
- Diffuse sensors
- Retroreflective sensors
- Throughbeam sensors
- Fiber optic sensors
- Laser sensors
- Color sensor
- Light barriers
- Level monitoring sensors
- Counters
- Profile sensors
- Mechanical precision switches
- Incremental encoders
- Absolute encoders
- Multi-turn encoders
- Revolution counters
- Force measuring sensors
- Strain measuring sensors

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Darlex manufactures modular T-slotted aluminum extrusions, structural components, and accessories for framing, automation, and safety systems.

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Euchner designs and develops switching devices to control a wide variety of motion on mobile equipment and industrial machinery.

Euchner's products are designed to protect the safety of people, machinery and product.

- Optical and audible signaling devices
- Position switches
- Safety switches
- Non-contact safety switches
- Gate bolts
- Enabling switches
- Multiple limit switches - trip rails/trip dogs
- Connectors
- Encoders
- Inductive identification systems
- Joy sticks
- Electronic handwheels
- Pendant stations

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Norstat provide a wide range of safety, control, and automation solutions for machine and process control, enabling you to conform to both domestic and international safety standards.

Norstat's safety products include:

- Safety interlocks
- Non-contact safety switches
- Safety control relays
- Audible and Visible signaling devices

Norstat's safety automation program includes:

- Foot switches for axis control
- Limit switches for axis control
- Power supplies
- Operating panels
- Industrial PC's
- Connectors for sensors and solenoid valves.

The Norstat family of products include:

- Din connectors and molded cable assemblies
- Mechan Controls: Non-contact safety switches and systems
- Pizzato: Safety switches, limit switches, and foot switches.
- Signal Products: Optical and audible indicators used as warning devices for critical conditions or applications.
- Riese Electronic: Safety relays

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Pinnacle Systems

Pinnacle safety products are designed to enhance machine utilization and minimize downtime. Pinnacle Systems produces industry solutions that are feature-intensive and competitively priced, include long product warranties and are made in the U.S.A.

- Safety Light Curtains
- Safety Mat Systems
- Ergonomic Palm Buttons
- Safety Controller HUB
- Safety Interlock Switches

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Ross Controls

Ross Controls is a global manufacturer of pneumatic valves, control systems and safety products. Their products are used anywhere compressed air is used to perform a work process. Ross Controls' products include line-mounted valves, base-mounted valves, safety related products, Ross/Flex, check valves, flow controls, filters, regulators, lubricators, and electropneumatics.

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Tapeswitch manufactures a wide range of presence sensing products and specialty safety equipment, including photo-electric safety systems, safety mats, cushioned sensing bumpers and sensing edges, light curtains, and ribbon switches.

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Werma Signaltechnik

Werma products include signal towers, optical signaling devices, audible signaling devices, optical/audible signaling devices, and EEx Signal Devices.

To reduce downtime, Werma's GSM Transmitter Element can be used to automatically transmit a text message to your mobile phone when a machine develops a malfunction.

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